Time Doesn't Heal Wounds Alone

    Kindred has a comprehensive inpatient Wound Care Program designed for patients requiring extensive treatment interventions.

    Positive Outcomes in Healing

    Healing wounds is an important step in the rehabilitation process. The experienced wound care professionals at Kindred specialize in the evaluation and treatment of acute, chronic and complex or non-healing wounds in medically complex patients.

    As a leader in wound care management, Kindred’s comprehensive inpatient services focus on preventing skin complications, providing best practices and evidence-based care in a quality, cost effective manner, to help patients recover as fully as possible.

    What We Do

    Upon admission, patients receive a comprehensive assessment that reflects the internal (patient characteristics), external (pressure, temperature), and local (wound characteristics) factors that have the potential to affect wound healing. This focus enables us to determine the right topical treatment for the right wound at the right time in the healing process.

    A multidisciplinary team approach is provided in order to achieve a more detailed diagnostic assessment based on the findings of the initial wound/skin assessment process or following evaluation of response to current management strategies.

    Individualized treatment plans are based on what caused the wound and what factors might affect wound healing. On-going assessments are performed to provide evidence of wound healing or deterioration. Advanced therapies and proven clinical protocols are used in order to provide the most effective treatment options.

    Team Treatment

    Kindred’s team is directed by a physician who specializes in wound care and a coordinator who is certified in wound care. We feature an interdisciplinary team approach to patient care where our team of healthcare professionals, including our physician partners, meets routinely to address patient’s rehabilitative, psychosocial and medical needs, as well as discharge planning, to ensure progress toward patients’ goals.

    Team members may include a primary physician, our nursing staff, a Registered Nurse with wound care certification, physical therapists, occupational therapists, podiatrist, Registered Dietitian, pharmacists, case management and social services.

    Program Benefits

    • Improve overall emotional well being
    • Improvement of activities of daily living, such as taking a shower or pursuing hobbies
    • Improve quality of life and be more independent and self-reliant
    • Experience fewer exacerbations and hospitalizations
    • Increase knowledge regarding disease process and its management
    • Increase strength and endurance

    Our Patients

    Our hospitals are part of a nationwide network of Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals (certified as long-term acute care hospitals and licensed as acute care hospitals). Patients referred to Kindred may benefit from our specialized programs treating:

    Surgical wounds

    • open non-healing post-surgical wounds
    • localized incisions
    • infected and/or draining wounds
    • complicated surgical wounds

    Pressure ulcers with complications

    • multiple stage II
    • stage III or IV

    Other wounds associated with:

    • infections requiring IV antibiotics
    • wounds requiring frequent dressing changes
    • amputations
    • diabetic ulcers
    • necrotizing fasciitis
    • osteomyelitis
    • peripheral artery disease
    • venous stasis
    • post-trauma
    • burns
    • arterial wounds

    Comprehensive, Personalized Services

    Beginning with a thorough patient history and assessment of the wound conditions, Kindred hospitals provide a full range of services following national standards of care and research protocols, which may include but is not limited to:

    • surgical consults and services, including debridement and surgical closure
    • pressure reduction surface/mattresses or specialized beds
    • wound assessment and photo documentation
    • functional and nutritional assessments
    • daily physician visits and wide scope of physician consults
    • acute care nursing staff services
    • vacuum-assisted wound device
    • pulsatile lavage/localized hydrotherapy (at some locations)
    • wide variety of topical agents
    • identification of conditions that impede healing
    • interdisciplinary team conferences
    • patient and caregiver education
    • IV antibiotics
    • state-of-the-art treatments and procedures
    • in-house radiology, pharmacy and lab services

    Family Involvement

    The staff at Kindred knows the importance of having a patient’s family involved in the healing process. Kindred holds family meetings with our interdisciplinary team members on a regular basis to discuss patient progress. Family education sessions are designed to train family members on home care and other important topics.

    From involving clergy and support groups to meet your spiritual and psychological needs to providing comprehensive discharge planning services for the patient’s post-hospital life, our staff is equipped to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

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